COVID Information

MASKS: Wearing a mask during class is required as of 11/1/20. We will social distance as much as possible. There will be no hand holding or partnering.

CLEANING: Studio will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Any props, mats, and ballet barres that are used during class will be sanitized before the next class begins.

LOBBY/SHOE CHANGING AREA: Both will be closed. Dancers and parents will wait outside and come in when their teacher invites them inside. Parent will need to wait outside during class or come back at the end of class. Students will have their own designated spot to set their dance bag on and change their shoes.

HAND SANITIZER: Everyone will be given hand sanitizer as they enter the studio and as they leave the studio. We will also give it during class at the teachers discretion. 

We will follow the local school districts lead. If the schools close and go to remote learning we will also close. We will not continue our classes online as we feel most of our dancers were burnt out on online learning after a day full of online school. However, we will send you some fun things to do at home including but not limited to coloring worksheets, stretching challenges, and online videos from industry professionals.

In the event we close we will also stop tuition fees. (See Tuition Tab for more information on fees)