Picture Day Schedule



Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time. We will let you in to the studio lobby 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time to purchase picture packages. Come dressed in costume. If you have multiple costumes then you may wear whichever costume you prefer first. We have access to the rental space next door to the studio and we will be utilizing that to distance everyone through the day. Please do not bring any children that are not dancers.

Please feel free to wear masks and we can always have your dancer take it off for picture and then put it right back on! We will have all doors open to limit touching of other surfaces, someone will be wiping hand railings and bathrooms after each group, and I will have the picture people wipe down tables often! Hand sanitizer will be available.

We will work in 3 stations:

Station 1: Outside. When the group in front of you is moved to the next station someone will send you upstairs. Please wait to go up until you are instructed.

Station 2: Lobby: Here you will pay for you picture packages and wait while social distancing. Look for designated places to stand.

Station 3: Once the group in front of you is done with pictures your dancer(s) will move into the studio for pictures and we will send you to our 2nd waiting area. Once your dancer has taken their picture they will be let out a different door to where you are waiting. They will either change to 2nd costume and come back in or may exit and they are done for the day. Note: We will only take one picture per class. Combo classes will only take a picture in their tap OR ballet costume. We will notify you which costume on Monday June 1st!


We have scheduled pictures by how many costumes each dancer will be taking pictures in. If you are uncomfortable with how many people are in your group let us know and we will move you to a less full time.



253 N 3rd St in Arlington, NE.
Upstairs on the side of the building next to the Hitch'n Post.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to get there from our Bennington location!



Gade, Isiabella
Richarson, Kaylee
Richardson, Blakely
Ott, Rosemary
Brewer, Austin
Brewer, Johnessa

Anderson, Harper
Anderson, Kennedy
Anderson, Morgan
Arp, Hayley
Bartels, Analyn
Yost, Harlow
Schneringer, Clara 
Schneringer, Elora 
Schneringer, Myla

10:15 am
Bartling, Braelyn
Best, Adrienne
Bosshart, Lacey
Brindley, Izzabell
Buer, Emily

Cotter, Stella
Dacy, Lillian
Dall, Katie
Dall, Lilly
Daly, Ava
Daly, Layla

Douglas, Katy
Dunning, Julia
Dwornicki, Camilla
Dwornicki, Malina
Evert, Henley
Fastenau, Alayna
Fehlhaber, Sienna
Franzluebbers, Leah

Fuller, Kennedy
Fuller, Mekenzie
Glassburner, Zoey
Goertz, Lucy
Green, Ellen
Griffith, Tenley
Halley, Emma

Harding, Jade
Hartung, Kyla
Heller, Ila
Henrickson, Cora
Herbolsheimer, Sara
Hess, Pearl
Hirschbrunner, Morgyn
Holiday, Cambri
Hoff, Brooklyn
Jacobson, Kirsten

Johannes, Kerrigan
Jurgens, Evelyn
Kinnaman, Adlynn

Knajdl, Karly
Kunes, Henley
Lambert, Zayla
Livengood, Eva
Loftus, Elianna
Long, Harper
Lowther, Maya

Loyd, Julia
Lueders, Katie
Luehrs, Elizabeth
Lutjemeier, Ava
Manning, Karlyn
Marsh, Amelia
McAleer, Olivia
Meier, Ava
Meredith, Alivia
Meredith, Paisley

Meyer, Ally
Meyo, Addisyn
Morgan, Addison
Morrison, Miranda
Nelson, Piper
Nocita, Gabriella

Ostendorf, Addison
Peatrowsky, Ava
Pickman, Amelia
Pile, Londyn
Pile, Lydia
Pittman, Lauren
Richardson, Blakely
Richardson, Kaylee
Rickard, Lux
Ricker, Eliza
Sass, Peyten

Schorn, Chloe
Schumm, Natalie
Sechser, Emilia
Shelbourn, Madalina
Siecke, Gabby
Siecke, Mckinley
Sindelar, Cadence

Smith, Callie
Stallbaum, Bella
Stallbaum, Colbie
Stortz, Delaney
Stortz, Pyper
Stratman, Lila
Stratman, Stella
Strecker, Addison
Strecker, Makenna

Sukraw, Hanna
Sukraw, Katherine
Tetschner, Grace
Thomas, Addison
Thompson, Claira

Thompson, Adrien
Thompson, Layne
Cartwright, Chloe
Vidlak, Brooklyn
Vidlak, Nora
Vidlak, Olivia
Walkenhorst, Evie
Owens, Adelease

Wallingford, Janie
Walter, Zoey
Wells, Avery
Wilcox, Bella
Winkler, Charlotte
Winters, Paisley
Winters, Priscilla

Wolf, Ainsley
Wolf, Berkely
Worth, Harper
Worth, Josie
Ziegler, Fisher
Ziegler, Remington
Ketelsen, Micah
Ketelsen, Piper
Ketelsen, Riya
Ketelsen, Sami


Jorgensen, Harlow
Van Haistsma, Emma