Winter Weather: 
When Bennington Public Schools and/or Arlington Public Schools are closed due to winter weather conditions, all classes are cancelled. When weather conditions are questionable in the evening or Saturday, please call the studio for an update or check our facebook page.  

It is important for dancers wear the appropriate dance attire to every class. Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Fitted shorts, leggings and skirts may be worn over leotards. No t-shirts unless they are a past years studio shirt. Part of the learning in dance class comes from the corrections of the instructors. Large and excessive clothing makes the learning a little more difficult. Please also makes sure hair is tied back and out of the dancers face. Students should come to class dressed in appropriate attire.




Girls ballet slippers are pink and must 
be leather or canvas. Stretchy or satin shoes are not acceptable.

Jazz/Hip Hop: 

Jazz performers must wear a tan jazz
boot that is fitted to the foot.


Young tap dancers wear black patent shoes. They must
have a velcro strap, buckle or ribbon ties. Ribbons ties
will need to be replaced with elastic. Older dancers may
buy small heeled black shoes with buckle. We will show
examples in class.


Before purchasing pointe shoes check with your teacher that your dancer has permission to take the pointe class. You will need to schedule a pointe shoe fitting appointment at Bobby's Dancewear. Pointe shoes come in a ton of different sizes so your dancer may have to try on multiple before you find the correct size. Once you find your shoe then bring shoes, ribbons, and elastic to your teacher so we can OK the fit. Once we give you the go ahead we will give you instructions on how to sew the ribbons and elastic onto the shoe. Do not sew or cut anything until we make sure the fit is good. The wrong size shoe can lead to injury.