"I wanted you to know that we thought the recital was WONDERFUL! This was the first recital that myself ( when I was younger) and Brooke have been involved in that was not stressful. All the costumes were gorgeous and perfect for the music, the backdrop was amazing,  the flower bouquet that we purchased for Brooke was perfect, and the dance recital tank and shirt were adorable! You have an amazing team and I'm so GLAD Brooke participated at Ruby Blue :-). It has been a WONDERFUL experience! You're AMAZING! Thank you for loving, encouraging, and teaching our Brooke :-)."


"The recital was beautiful and my daughter had such a great experience. Thank you so much for making her feel so welcome and comfortable. I wish you knew what an accomplishment it was for her to be on stage and not be so anxious/freeze. It was a proud mom moment for sure hearing her say how fun it was."